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We are Alabama's Premier Saltwater Charter Boat Booking Agency and Charter Fleet located in Orange Beach, Alabama in the northern Gulf of Mexico.   We take the legwork out of deciding who to go fishing with while on vacation in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama.  We also serve anglers who are staying in Fort Morgan and Perdido Key, Florida.  We have been providing excellent charter fishing trips in Alabama for over 11 years.  Our booking service does not charge any fees to our customers. All you pay is the price of the charter and the tip for the mate or deckhand.  Fish cleaning is .30 cents per whole pound of the fish.  All bait, tackle and licenses are included.
Our gulf deep sea fishing and inshore, back bay fishing saltwater charter guides are
hand picked by our staff.  We know our captains, we know their boats, and we know how they treat our customers.  Our customers expect great service, good fishing and a good time. 
We look out for our customers’ best interest.  We listen to our customers.  We do our best to match our deep sea fishing customers with charter fishing boats that will meet or exceed our customers expectations.  If you know of a boat, ask us about them.  We can book them for you and make sure you are taken care of.

Charter Fishing Trips Available in Orange Beach, Alabama

Walk-On/Party Boat Trips - Orange Beach and Gulf Shores offer some of the best party boat fishing along the Alabama gulf coast.  We have several party boats to choose from. Each one of these head boats and party boats are big, safe and reliable.  They can accommodate groups of walk-on, shared expense or private charter fishermen from 1 to 60 passengers. Party fishing boats are designed for first time fishermen who are on vacation in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, to see if they like being out on the water.  It is an economical fishing trip with an exceptional fishing experience.

Shared Expense/Semi-Private Trips - semi-private deep sea fishing trips that are available in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are also called shared expense trips.  These fishing trips are for customers who are on a tight budget or simply do not mind fishing with other people. They also are for those who do not have enough people in their party to justify chartering the boat just for themselves.  The deep sea fishing is just as good as a private charter, but the difference is you are sharing the price of the boat with other people.
If you would like for us to put you on the calendar and try to find other people interested in sharing the price of the boat with you, please contact us at 1-877-783-3474, 251-981-3733, or

Private Deep Sea Fishing Charters - private charter deep sea fishing trips in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are for those customers that want the boat for their group only.  It does not matter if you have 1 person or 20 or more.  We have boats that can accommodate your party.  The price for a private charter is not done on a per person basis.  The price you pay is for the whole boat.  It’s ok for you to divide the cost of the deep sea fishing charter between yourselves.  The price of each person must equal the total cost of the charter if you decide to do it that way.  The gratuity for the mates is 15 - 20% of the total cost of the charter.

Inshore, Back Bay Fishing Charters - Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, inshore, back bay fishing charters are available year-round.  They fish inland waters including bays, inlets and jetties.  They go just outside the jetties into the Gulf of Mexico and fish for other species that may be biting.

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Length of Fishing Charters in Orange Beach, Alabama

Orange Beach Fishing charters vary in length from 4 hours up to and including overnight trips.  The most common Alabama deep sea fishing trips are 4 hour, 6 hour, 8 hour, 10 hour and 12 hours in length.  These fishing trips can be either private or walk-on in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. 

Alabama Charter Fishing Boats Available & Rates 

Party Boats or Head Boats - Orange Beach and Gulf Shores offer some of the best party boat fishing along the Alabama gulf coast.  We have several party boats to choose from. Each one of these head boats and party boats are big, safe and reliable.  They can accommodate groups of walk-on, shared expense or private charter fishermen from 1 to 50 passengers.  Party boat fishing boats are designed for first time fishermen to see if they like being out on the water.  Party boat fishing is an economical fishing trip with an exceptional fishing experience.  Party boats operate on the basis of having a minimum number of passengers (normally 20) on board to ensure the boat has a fishing trip.  Party/head boats have a large cabin with air conditioning and restrooms on board.  Party boat prices start at $90.00 per person for 6 hour trips, plus 15% gratuity and 30 cents per whole pound for fish cleaning.

Multi-Passenger Boats - Orange Beach, Multi-passenger boats are offshore charter boats that can accommodate up to 22 passengers.  They are available for either shared expense or private charters.  These boats range from 40 to 65 feet in length.  They have air conditioned cabins and restrooms on board.  Multi-passenger boats price ranges from $135 per person up to $180 per person depending on the number of hours and the number of people on board.  Private charters prices range from $700 for 4 hour trolling trips up to $1,800 for day trips.  Overnight trips are more.

Six Passenger Boats/“Six Pack” Boats -
Offshore six passenger boats are charter boats that can carry from 1 to 6 passengers maximum.  They are available for either walk-on or private charters.  These boats range from 35 to 45 feet in length.  Most of them have air conditioned cabins and all have restrooms. Six pack boat prices range from around $750 for 4 hour trolling trips, up to around $2,000 for 12 hour bottom fishing trips. Longer trips are available for up to 36 hour blue water/oil rig trips, for tuna, grouper, swordfish, marlin, wahoo, and several other deep water species. These are really a one-of-a-kind fishing experience where you, the paying customer, captain and deckhand have more interaction with each other, these are great charters and can provide memories of a lifetime.
nshore six passenger boats do not have air conditioning or a restroom.  They do not have shaded fishing areas either.  Inshore six passenger boats prices range any where from $350 to $1,000 for a 4 to 6 hour inshore or near shore fishing trip and most can fish four to six people. Usually it is just you, your party and the captain. A great trip with one-on-one attention from the captain of the boat. Bring lots of water to drink on those hot, humid days and be ready for some great fishing.

Fish We Catch Deep Sea Fishing In Alabama

Offshore Deep Sea Fish - Orange Beach, Alabama has long been known for its variety of fish species.  We commonly catch Red Snapper, Vermilion Snapper, White Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Lane Snapper, Trigger Fish, Amberjack, Grouper, Scamp, Barracuda, Tuna, Bonita, Marlin, Mahi-Mahi, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo, Sailfish, Jack Crevalle and Cobia.  Depending on the length of trip, you can expect to catch these species on a regular basis.  Marlin, Sailfish and Tuna usually require overnight trips or longer.  Cobia are seasonal fish and can usually be caught during the months of March and April each year. 

Inshore, Back Bay Fish - Perdido Bay, Terry Cove, Cotton Bayou and Perdido Pass are the most common areas around Orange Beach to catch inshore species of fish.  Inshore fishing boats usually catch Speckled Sea Trout, White Trout, Flounder, Redfish, Pompano, Sheepshead and Mangrove Snapper.  Weather and sea conditions permitting, they can go out near-shore and catch some offshore species such as Snapper and Mackerel.  

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